Who We Are

We are a group of ecologists, engineers, post docs, and graduate students.  We have between 0 days and 13 seasons of research experience in Antarctica.  We study organisms who range in size from 10 microns to 10 m.  We live in 3 different states and 2 different countries.  Among us we can play 1 musical instrument.  As you can see, we are a varied group who have come together to study food webs in McMurdo Sound.

Laughlin Barker

Heather Broadbent

Philip Chung

Kendra Daly

John Durban

Marty Hynes

Stacy Kim

Peggy Malloy

Robert Pitman

Ben Saenz

Dorota Szuta


Additional 2012/13 team members

Clint Collins

Dan Mahon

Eric Stackpole