Ben Saenz

Research Scientist

Ben’s background is a mix of engineering and biology. As an undergraduate electrical engineering student, he became enamored with the study of tropical and temperate forest ecosystems, which lead to a degree in biology and a thesis examining habitat partitioning in Arizona songbirds. After college Ben researched seabirds in the California Current ecosystem and then completed a PhD in 2011, studying the Antarctic sea ice ecosystem. Ben’s research uses current technologies, including bioacoustics, acoustic Doppler current profiling, and hydrodynamic and ecosystem modeling, to examine how marine ecosystems interact with ocean physics. This will be Ben’s 5th Antarctic field season, and he is extremely excited to use the biological echosounder on SCINI to find out where fish and krill are under the sea ice, and why they are where they are. Ben will be rushing home after helping to establish the field season in McMurdo sound to be with his three little girls, ages 7, 4, and 0.

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