Clint Collins (2012/13)

Graduate Student

I am a second year Masters student with Stacy Kim at Moss Landing Marine Labs, after graduating from UC Santa Cruz with a B.S. in Marine Biology in 2010. Following college I worked for MLML and UCSC as a Biological Science Technician, as well as working part-time as a commercial diver. My thesis work has brought me together with the SCINI team, and brought me to the ice last fall for the first time. For my thesis work, I will be studying the succession of seafloor communities following an iceberg scour. Free-floating icebergs often come in contact with the seafloor, clearing large patches and opening up space for colonization. This research will be conducted in shallow sites accessible by scuba and deeper sites that require the use of our ROV. I am curious how increased disturbance of the seafloor, brought about by a warming climate and increase of free-floating ice, will alter these communities in years to come.