Dave Ainley

Penguin Biologist

David Ainley has made ~30 trips to Antarctica and the Southern Ocean, about half on oceanographic research vessels. Currently, he is involved in research on penguin demography, as well as a study on the effects of cetacean foraging on penguin prey availability at Ross Island; and a study using an ocean glider to assess effects of penguin foraging on prey availability, quite like the SCINI-penguins project but in the open ocean. He’s also worked extensively in the California Current, including many cruises as well as founding, and then working at, the PRBO marine research program on the Farallon Islands. For the past 10 years he’s been engaged in trying to protect the Ross Sea from humans, most immediately industrial fishing (www.lastocean.org). He’s written 4 books, 12 monographs and ~200 papers about the ecology of marine top predators: seabirds, mammals and sharks.

Dave studying Adelie penguins at Cape Royds, Antarctica

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