Eric Stackpole (2012/13)

Mechanical Engineer and SCINI Pilot

Eric Stackpole is a Mechanical Engineer with expertise in mechatronics and robotic systems. His main areas of interest are telerobotic exploration and off-the-shelf-parts based design. Eric’s interest in the SCINI project came from a desire to learn more about telerobotic exploration in the field, to gain experience with expedition work, to visit a place that is remote and unusual, and to work in a situation where engineering challenges require solutions built with limited resources. In addition to having the roll of Mechanical Engineer and Pilot for SCINI, Eric is also co-founder of OpenROV, an organization that produces an open source, low cost ROV submarine that is intended to help make underwater telerobotic exploration possible for everyone. Aside from ROVs, Eric enjoys sailing and paragliding, amateur radio, general tinkering, and acting.