Marty Hynes

Engineer and Chemist

When asked by an elementary school counselor what I was going to do when I grew up, I replied “I’m going to be a engineer.”  The councilor then asked if I wanted to drive trains.  I said “No, I’m going to build bridges.”  I’ve never built a bridge but I did become a mechanical engineer.  I’ve worked on DOD projects in aerospace with Space Shuttle communications equipment, then environmental air quality engineering.  When the opportunity to go to Antarctica as a mechanic presented itself, I jumped; it was an easy switch as dad was a hot rodder and I inherited his rapport with machines and their workings.  Now after a dozen highly successful seasons working support in Antarctica I have been given the opportunity to join the SCINI team as an engineer and chemist.  The chance to work on a science project in the field is a dream of a lifetime.